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The rules have changed...
And that is just what she needs.

Skye Jackson is determined to save an abused young boy. But her plans are interrupted when a deadly rabies plague sweeps the globe killing friends and family. She races one step ahead of the Infected, struggling alone.
In a world of chaos, who do you trust?
Dylan Cole is content to shelter in his mountaintop cabin while the world destroys itself. But when he finds Skye frantic on the side of the road, his plans change. The woman needs his help, whether she knows it or not.
When the world changes, can you?
Skye and Dylan work together in the crumbling society. But will it last? Or will each go their separate ways? Is a dark future of violence, gangs, and sickness all there is, or can there be more?
If you like character-driven pandemic action and adventure in a crumbling world with surprising twists and turns, you'll love these books!  Buy it now.

This alternate history science fiction is suitable for adults and young adults.

Sanctuary's Aggression Series - Available so far:
Sanctuary's Aggression
The Road: Sanctuary's Aggression 2
The Climb: Sanctuary's Aggression 3
The Girl
Sanctuarys' Aggression Box Set Books 1-3



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