Sanctuary's Aggression Series by Maira Dawn

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The rules have changed...
And that is just what she needs.

Skye Jackson is determined to save an abused young boy. But her plans are interrupted when a deadly rabies plague sweeps the globe killing friends and family. She races one step ahead of the Infected, struggling alone.
In a world of chaos, who do you trust?
Dylan Cole is content to shelter in his mountaintop cabin while the world destroys itself. But when he finds Skye frantic on the side of the road, his plans change. The woman needs his help, whether she knows it or not.
When the world changes, can you?
Skye and Dylan work together in the crumbling society. But will it last? Or will each go their separate ways? Is a dark future of violence, gangs, and sickness all there is, or can there be more?

Skye’s safe… 

Will she walk away? 

Tucked away from the worse of the outbreak, Skye learns to survive in this post-apocalyptic world, but family never leaves her mind. She clings to each bit of news wondering if each conversation with her parents will be her last. 
Skye yearns to tackle the five-hour trek to help her family. Despite warnings, she underestimates the threat of this dark world until she ventures out on her own.  
The Sick, Infected and the evil rule the road now. 
Dylan is doing his best to teach Skye the ways of this new reality. Skye learns quickly, but she struggles to see the chaos surrounding her. When Skye wants to go north for her family, Dylan is deadset against it. 
Not only is it dangerous, but the time Dylan has spent with Skye and the boy have been some of the best of his life. He doesn’t want it to end. If she goes, will he ever see her again? 

All Dylan wants is to keep everyone safe, something he can’t do if they are on the road. 

Skye and Dylan face their largest threats yet... 

Cole’s Mountain is no longer the refuge it first was. Battles are fought as Skye and Dylan struggle to keep their home ground safe. 

Calvin and his gang hunt Skye's family hoping to destroy them as they have so many others.  
Each excursion becomes riskier as danger lurks around every curve of the mountain making life even harder in this new dark world. 
Tensions rise in the little cabin as Skye and Dylan face their emotions. Their history and fears hindering efforts to bond their family together.  
With fall coming, Skye wants nothing more than to push out their enemies and make it through winter in peace. Dylan seems to be the one man she can turn to, but she has to wonder if they will all be standing when the wars are over? And if so, what kind of future will they have? 

A box set is available
 entitled, Sanctuary's Aggression Box Set Books 1-3.

He was right. It didn’t get better.

It got worse, so much worse.

They were a normal family. She was an ordinary teenager, but Kelsey wanted more. Now she wished she could take it back.
The rabies pandemic ripped through her city, leaving chaos and destruction. The Sick roam the streets. Gangs of the healthy prey on each other. And Kelsey is abandoned in the middle of it all.
How does a young girl survive the impossible?

The Girl: A Sanctuary's Aggression Story is available on Kindle. It is the backstory of the character Kelsey Lang. You can also pick it up FREE at Book Funnel or Story Origin.

When the impossible is true…

A stunning stranger appears out of nowhere and drags Sonora to the depths of the sea. There she finds something that shouldn’t exist—a city, centuries old.
When Ian brings Sonora to his home, little did he know who she really was—a granddaughter of the most hated man of his people. The one he has been tracking for decades.
A dangerous madman watches and waits for his chance to destroy in the name of science. Stopping him is the only way the world can survive.
Ian has his mission. Stop the killer. But Sonora may have to deal with the consequences.

Coming soon: Seabound: The Atlantis Cure (Prequel 2)

All the drama and suspense, all the thrills and chills.
No swearing, sex, or gore.
Just try to put the book down.


The pandemic science fiction series begins with Sanctuary's Aggression. My first book, it has been a fantastic vehicle for that first leap into the imagination.

It is listed as one of twelve books on Wattpad's Sci-fi Dystopian/Apocalyptic Reading List.

In addition, it has reached #1 in Sci-fi, Pandemic, Apocalyptic, and Post-Apocalyptic, #5 in Action-Adventure and #2 in Action-Romance on Wattpad's Hot Lists.

Sanctuary's Aggression had won multiple Wattpad member contests, including the following:

1st place 

Hidden Gems Awards
Dizzy Awards
Rebellion Awards
The Chocolate Awards.

2nd place 

The 2nd Ohana Awards

3rd place 

The Quill Awards
The Shadow Awards

Sanctuary's Aggression was featured as a Staff Pick and New and Notable on


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