A Simple Suggestion

I love this salad. Actually, all of the Eat Smart salads, though I think Sweet Kale is my favorite. I can't even begin to tell you how much!

When a person is stuck eating gluten-free, dairy-free it can be hard to find all those comfort foods that they grew up with.

This, however, is becoming my new comfort food! And it can't be more simple. Break open the bag, mix, and eat. Lol. So, so good!

For those with other allergies, it warns that it contains egg and soy.

And no, I'm not getting any compensation for this. :)

Tonight, I made homemade chicken soup (A recipe I'll probably share in a few days) and paired it with the sweet kale salad.

My daughter brought home a loaf of Panera's Tomato Basil bread.

Yes, we ate good tonight!

But we have also just added chicken or tuna to one of these salads for lunch on the go or a quick dinner.