Sanctuary's Aggression, 
my post-apocalyptic survival series, 
will soon be moving to 
Kindle Unlimited! 

It's a lot of work learning the writing business but I'm plodding along. First up, the book will have a new cover! (which I will reveal shortly)

Because I'm self-publishing, and I have almost no budget, I have designed the new cover myself. I've done a ton of studying on what makes a great cover for my genre, and I hope I have done it justice. Thank goodness I took art in school.

I love all the support I've had at Wattpad. Sanctuary's Aggression was liked by far more people than I ever imagined.

When I started I thought I would be happy if 100 people read my book, Now I have over 5,000 followers! That is what has given me the confidence to try my story in a bigger pond.

I will be having 'sales' on my books from time to time, and I will be sure to announce on here, Facebook and Wattpad when those occur. That way, you can download a copy, to keep, for a lower price or totally FREE!

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Thanks for popping by, and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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