The launch of Sanctuary's Aggression...

box set of books 1-3 went great! I want to thank everyone who supported it. There were sales, there were reads, and there still are. It's the best. :)

So what's going on with me now that the launch is over, you ask? Well, back to the same old, same old. Only this time on a new book!

Right now, I'm elbows deep into Sea Bound. It continues the story of how Skye's crazy world got started by going back to the beginning and showing us how it all started. Sea Bound features new characters with a touch of science fantasy.

But you love Skye and Dylan, you say? Wonderful! Because I have at least five more books of them coming. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

So embrace Sea Bound and find out why and how Sanctuary got as twisted as it did. Then we'll pick up again with The Trial: Sanctuary's Aggression 4.

Now, I just have to get these all out there to you all! I'm working on it diligently -- every single day. I promise!

In the meantime, I'll be giving you little tidbits of Sea Bound as I work on it. :)
Just a little ocean action to get you in the mood.
In the meantime, have you caught up with Sanctuary's Aggression? If not, here is a link to the Sanctuary's Aggression Series.

And remember, it's in Kindle Unlimited too, if you are subscribed to that.

If you're all caught up with that, how about some free books? Check these out.

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Happy Reading!
Maira :)



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