October 5th Newsletter

Autumn is here!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. The colorful orange, red and yellow leaves floating and twirling to the ground. The crunch under your feet. That snap of cold air in the morning leading into a sunny day with a refreshing breeze. Bon fires, sweaters, cocoa and smores!

I don't love what comes after--brrr! But for now, I'm happy. :)

How about you? What is your favorite season?

Preview chapter of Seabound below!
I've talked to a lot of authors who offer books in similar genres. I thought I'd try it. See what you think. :) I'm afraid I haven't read any of them yet, but they seemed interesting to me.

This first one I've had my eye on. I've watched it climb the charts, and I love the cover! It is definitely on my To Be Read list.

Click on image to see more about the book.

                                                           Future Apocalypse: A Time Travel Series (Beginnings Book 1) by [Gilbert, Barbara]
Is time travel possible? Paulette Brown is about to find out. She must learn how to survive and find people who might help her get back home—if that’s even a possibility.
This book is $2.99 and Free in Kindle Unlimited.

Backlash, prequel to The Wildblood series is set on a near-future Earth mostly devoid of humans. This is a FREE book. Click on the cover here, and it will take you to where you can download it.

This book is for the hardier among us. It does come with warnings. The epic story of six young and adventurous students who get to relive the first day of their, no holds barred, holiday to a hedonistic party haven over and over and over again. This is a FREE book. Click on the cover for more info.
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And now...

Your introduction to the man of the hour--or two or three--however long it takes you to read the book. :)

Ian, also known as Caspian of the Orca Clan.

Chapter One (Uh, yeah. I changed this to the first chapter. lol)
Ian's footsteps thudded over the hard pavement of the full parking lot. He shot a glance over his shoulder. The men chasing him were doing better than he would have guessed. They'd been panting within a minute of giving pursuit.
Ian wasn't all that surprised when they drew their guns and started to fire. He heard the zip of one, then two bullets go by him. He ducked behind a large, blue truck and leaned his back against the tire. 
A bullet clinked, bouncing on the hard surface beside Ian. He clenched his fist. No, not bullets, tranquilizer darts. They didn't want him dead. They wanted to take him apart, see what he was made of. Ian's heart pounded twice against his sternum as a warning to drag in another breath. Only a small one, he reminded himself, the oxygen-rich air would make him dizzy.
Adrenaline-fueled, Ian weaved through the parked cars, using them as shields. Up ahead, the trail split, the left side heading down to the beach. The other up to the ocean overlook, to the cliff they called Spire. 
More visitors were on the Spire path. That cemented Ian's decision. Surely, they wouldn't fire into their own people.
Ian stopped behind a van and shielded himself from another spray of darts. He quickly pulled off his t-shirt, jeans, and shoes, leaving only the swimwear he wore under it. Ian's brilliant clan tattoo caught the light and gleamed, causing more than a few curious glances. Or perhaps it was the sheen of his skin. It always shimmered in the sun more than theirs did.
Moving from the relative safety of the truck, he sprinted up the cliff path. The popping of gunshots continued behind Ian as he pushed through a large group of people. He shook his head. So they would shoot into a crowd. Apparently, the goons thought the worst that would happen is some citizen would get a long nap. 
Ian's bare feet dug deeper into the rocky soil as he worked for more speed. His fate would be much worse. Ian’s stomach churned as an image of his friend's broken body floating on the waves flashed through his mind. He shoved it away. There was no time to dwell on that now. 
People around him screamed and ran for cover. One dark-haired woman stumbled and fell, unconscious. A yellow-tipped dart stuck out of her neck. 
 Ian's eyes narrowed. Isare! Tormentors. They feared nothing, that's how much they wanted him.
 Ian felt exposed as he sped along the bare path. The trail was wider than a truck, and the men could easily see him now that most of the people had found safety. 
The sun beat down on Ian's too-dry body. He'd been above water too long. Ian had known it, but he had been so close. After years of searching, he'd almost found the traitor.
Ian heard another thunk, bringing him back to the problem at hand. The men's aim was improving. A dart bounced off a rock, inches from Ian, spurring him on the final few yards. 
They wanted to see what he was made of? He'd show them.
As Ian began to run out of ground, he sped up instead of slowing. He heard the gasps of the sightseers hidden in the low brush around him as he took to the air with a harsh shout, jeering at the men chasing him. Mid-leap, Ian maneuvered into a perfect forward dive, intentionally twisting in a spiral as he dropped down the sheer face of the five-hundred-foot cliff.
Two more tranquilizers tumbled past Ian as he descended. The men above stopped, standing helplessly at the top of the cliff. With a smirk, Ian made a clean cut through the ocean's surface and disappeared from view.

I hope it sounds good! :)
Copyright © 2019 Maira Dawn - Writer, All rights reserved. 



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