November 3rd Newsletter

I'm excited to say Seabound: The Beginning is Now Available!

On Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.
What people are saying: 

"Really had fun reading this one. Wonderfully written with good characters."

"The author does a superb job of world building. Both above and below the ocean's waves. Dawn also does well with the development of her characters. I enjoyed this entertaining story."

" a prequel to whet the appetite for more, it worked."

"Exciting and interesting read."

When the impossible is true…

A stunning stranger appears out of nowhere and pulls Sonora to the depths of the sea. There she finds something that shouldn’t exist—a city, centuries old.
When Ian drags Sonora to his home, little did he know who she really was—a granddaughter of the most hated man of his people. The one he has been tracking for decades.
A dangerous madman watches and waits for his chance to destroy in the name of science. Stopping him is the only way the world can survive.
Ian has his mission. Stop the killer. But Sonora will have to deal with the consequences.

Notable Books by Fellow Authors

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A virus devastated the world and humanity lies in ruin. 

Tyler was abandoned during the outbreak - his mental illness deemed a liability by his only surviving relatives. A year later, Tyler lives under a highway overpass, unmedicated and drowning in delusions. He’s convinced he’s the last healthy survivor.

Everyone else? The remnants of the U.S. Government out to get him. All he wants is to be left alone, but their attempts to capture him grow by the day. He’s fed up. It’s time to fight back. But if it's all a delusion, who sits in his crosshairs?

Days Since… Tyler: Day 378 is a post-apocalyptic short story of the Almawt Virus Series and contains a FREE preview of Days Since… Thomas: Day 758, book one in the series.

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$2.99 and on FREE on Kindle Unlimited.
Cutting-edge science. Bloodthirsty aliens. Can this band of nerdy scientists save the multiverse one dimension at a time?

Brilliant physicist Zeke Travers is on the brink of a scientific breakthrough… and a nervous breakdown. So after the beta test of his interdimensional drive goes off without a hitch, he breathes a sigh of relief. But when an alien warship materializes out of nowhere with guns blazing, Zeke and his team must risk using their invention to jump to a parallel universe. 
Uncertain how to return to their native continuum, Zeke’s nerd squad must blind-hop across the omniverse from high-tech galaxies to magic-powered medieval planets. Hunted by ridiculously persistent and savage attackers, Zeke suspects the pursuers are only puppets of a far more shadowy evil. And with every roll of the interstellar dice, he fears they’re falling deeper into its sinister clutches.
Can Zeke uncover the dark force behind the attacks in time to save his crew and avoid interdimensional mayhem?

Available here!
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I'm working hard on Seabound: The Atlantis Cure and hope to have it out it a month or so. My husband just had minor surgery so I've had to slow down on the editing for a few days. I'll keep you up-to-date on the progress!
Have a great day and happy reading!
Maira :)



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